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Fingerprint Requirements (and Fast Fingerprint Pass)

Pursuant to §1101.3521 of the Real Estate License Act, any person applying for or renewing a broker, sales agent, inspector or easement or right-of-way license must provide their fingerprints, in a specified format, so that an FBI criminal history check can be performed. These fingerprint requirements apply only to brokers, sales agentss, inspectors and easement or right-of-way agents and not to other TREC license types. Once fingerprints are on file with DPS for a TREC license, a licensee will not need to be fingerprinted for subsequent renewals.

Please DON'T send fingerprint cards, FAST Fingerprint Passes, or anything else relating to FINGERPRINTS to TREC. All fingerprints MUST be submitted through the State's fingerprint vendor (see "Where to Get Your Fingerprints Taken" below).

Where to Get Your Fingerprints Taken

  • MorphoTrust (Formerly L1) is the vendor that collects and submits fingerprints to the FBI via the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). Morpho Trust has no role in the actual research and processing of your criminal background check or the delivery of its results. Please follow these required steps:

    fingerprint icon
    1. Obtain a FAST Fingerprint Pass from TREC. The FAST Fingerprint Pass is your “admission ticket” for fingerprinting and MorphoTrust cannot setup your appointment without one.
    2. Schedule an Appointment - Once you have downloaded your FAST Fingerprint Pass, contact MorphoTrust for an appointment.
      You may schedule online with Morpho Trust. You may also schedule appointments by calling 888-467-2080.
      See Locations for MorphoTrust.
  • Psychological Services Incorporated (PSI) administers examinations for TREC.
    Fingerprinting services are available at these PSI locations that administer license examinations for the commission. These locations are offered in cooperation with Morpho Trust so please follow the steps listed above in option 1 to download your FAST Fingerprint Pass and schedule an appointment with Morpho Trust.

Fast Facts on the FAST Fingerprint Pass Requirement

Here are some brief points to sum up the new fingerprint requirement:

  • Fingerprints that an applicant or licensee may have submitted for any other reason, such as previous employment or for a state issued license, will not be acceptable for TREC licensure or renewal.
  • You will need to schedule your fingerprint appointment with MorphoTrust on the web or by telephone before you go to the local fingerprinting location.
  • The fingerprints must be in the FBI’s required format and must be taken at an authorized DPS site. Currently, there are over 70 locations statewide where electronic fingerprints can be taken.
  • If you are renewing your license, you should get your fingerprints taken well in advance of your license expiration date to avoid any renewal delay and assure continued licensure.
  • You can get fingerprinted up to one year before your license expires.
  • The FAST Fingerprint Pass form for electronic fingerprinting is available here.

Other Important Fingerprint Information

Real estate brokers and sales agentss who get fingerprinted for timely renewals may continue to practice real estate as long as all other renewal requirements have been timely met. This will be reflected by a new expiration date and the license holder showing as “active” on the TREC website search.

Occasionally fingerprints may be unreadable. If this should occur, TREC will send a letter to the license holder or applicant with instructions to contact MorphoTrust at 888-467-2080 to be reprinted at no additional cost. Reprints cannot be scheduled online. Reprints must be taken within 30 days of the renewal date of the license or there may be grounds for suspension or revocation of the license.

If prints are unreadable a second time, a TREC staff person will initiate a name search through the FBI.

New applicants and individuals filing Reinstatement applications for licenses that are expired 6 months or more will NOT be issued a license until TREC has received fingerprint results and the results do not indicate a need for further review or action.

Licensees may see their fingerprinting status by searching their license number or name on the License holder Info Search page. If the TREC website does not indicate prints within 10-15 days of the date you know you were printed, call TREC at 512-936-3000 and/or send an  email to .